If you've been looking for the perfect place to escape the worries of the modern-day world and enter a calming nature sot, you might want to head to this hidden gem in New Mexico. Finding peace and quiet has never been easier than at Plaza Blanca near Santa Fe. You will be amazed by the incredible, rare beauty that this area holds.

Plaza Blanca is a nature spot filled with bright white cliffs, massive rock formations, and climbable trails that tunnel through the giant rocks. 

Plaza Blanca is now apart of the grounds of the Islamic Education Center of Dar Al Islam. Though it's privately owned, anyone can stop by and visit with no reservations or permissions.

Hiking at Plaza Blanca is relatively easy and can range from a peaceful walk through the former river bed or a climb up some of the flatter rock formations.  

The area is famous for being painted by American artist Georgia O’Keeffe, and you can still visit where she lived, named "Ghost Ranch" and the "Georgia O’Keeffe Home," which can both be found nearby.

The stunning row of towering rocks can also be spotted on screen from the 2011 movie Cowboys and Aliens with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.

With such otherworldly features that can't be found anywhere else, it really made the perfect backdrop for that movie.

The Dar Al Islam center encourages visitors to explore the area, with hiking and sightseeing being so relaxing and awe-inspiring.

Plaza Blanca lies only an hour north of Santa Fe, so it's the perfect day trip to get outdoors and explore if you're from the area.

Be sure to wear sturdy shoes and bring some water, as there are spots where you need to cross streams and climb over rocks.

Bring your camera if you want to take some stunning photos of the incredible area.

Plaza Blanca

Price: Free

Address: Plaza Blanca Rd, Abiquiu, NM

Why You Need To Go: You can adventure the vastness of this white desert gem that is filled with explorable rocky routes and stunning history.


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