Piedmont Park is known for having the best festivals, events and just being a great place to hang out on a chill day. If you have kids, dogs or are just with a group of friends, you will find something to do here. There is actually a huge one-of-a-kind playground that even adults will love in Atlanta and enjoy just as much as kids. 

Noguchi Playscape in Piedmont Park is practically a geometrical paradise. It is colorful, it is architectural and it is just pure genius. Isamu Noguchi is a Japanese-American sculptor and artist who created this area. He built it for children to have self-expression, not to just swing on swings and slide down slides. In the present day, this is rare to see because kids would rather play on phones than on playgrounds.

This was supposed to be at The High Museum originally in 1971, but Noguchi was given a site in Piedmont Park, where it still stands today. 

Expression of art or creativity is not the most common of activites anymore, and that was the goal of this playground. Bringing out the creative side of kids and young adults is just what this destination does.

When you go into nice art galleries and museums, you know the common rule of just look and do not touch. This playground is considered a great piece of art, but it is encouraged to touch all you want. It is even encouraged to climb all over it. 

Being in this area will force you to put your phone down and actually enjoy the outdoors. You can play like a kid again and you might only take your phone out to take some trendy pictures for your Instagram feed. 

The entire playground sits on one acre of the park. On this acre, there is a stepped swing set, a triple slide, a seesaw, a stepped tower and other unique structures that you can climb and hang on. 

The playscape was restored in 2005, so the colors and the overall safety have been kept up. If you find yourself at Piedmont Park, be sure to bring a camera because this unique, trendy and retro area is one to be captured on film. 


Noguchi’s Playscape

Price: Free!

Address: 400 Park Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

Why You Need To Go: This geometrical playground is not only a creative place to play for kids, but it is a great place for adults as well. It makes you feel like a kid again and opens up your mind to a more creative vibe. 


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