Art comes in so many different forms, it is hard to tell what is considered "art.". Down in Old Fourth Ward, there are a bunch of concrete structures that seem like they are remanence of a construction site, but it is actually one of the few interactive art installations in Georgia from 1999. 

54 Columns is located in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward and is looked over a lot of the time. It is a unique architectural area right in the middle of the city and is interactive. While maybe not its intended use, its a great place to have an unique, artsy photo shoot.  

If you were to drive past this spot, you might think it's just a bunch of cinder blocks in the middle of a field. It is kind of fun to make up how these things got here and what they are there for before you read up about them. 

In 1999, Sol LeWitt built these columns to mix art and architecture together. They are all different sizes, some are 10-feet and some are 20-feet. 

They were built in a style to replicate Atlanta's skyline, with all the massive buildings downtown that rise to different heights. It is kind of like an optical illusion when you really stare at them, you have to go and find out for yourself to see what we are talking about. 

54 Columns is an interactive architectural structure, therefore, when you visit, you have to interact with it to get the full experience. 

Running in and out and in between the different sized columns is not only fun and will make you feel like a kid again, but it will make your head spin in all kinds of directions. 

Interactive art is the best type of art. There is another spot in Georgia that mimics Stonehenge with a post-apocalyptic message on it. 


54 Columns 

Price: Free!

Address: 625 Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia

Why You Need To Go: This spot is not only cool architecture, but it is interactive. 


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