As the weather starts to cool down (hopefully) it is fun to find parks that have longer hikes in Georgia so you can take in all the fresh air. During the summer you try to find the shortest hikes so you can get some outdoor time without dying of heat exhaustion. This park just south of the heart of Atlanta has many trails to choose from that has many small waterfalls you can see. 

Cochran Mill Park is located 20 miles south of the Atlanta airport. It sits on about 800 acres of land and has over 18 miles of hiking and walking trails. You will also come across waterfalls and a forest filled with flora. 

One of the more popular trails at this destination is the Henry Mill Falls trail. It is 4.8-miles round trip and it will take you through a scenic forest and to a cascading waterfall. 

The forest is filled with pines and hardwoods that will canopy over you throughout your entire journey. Peaks of sunlight will come into light the trail, but the trees will keep you shaded.

You might notice that you are descending at a pretty fast pace and there will be a gravel road and a bridge you will meet. Throughout the hike, you will cross over many small creeks until you get to the falls. 

Once you eventually get to Henry Mill Falls, you will have many spots to sit and relax. The entire area of the falls is surrounded by slabs of flat stone, so take your pick and take in the falls. 

The waterfalls cascade into a pool of water that is shallow and it is a great place to stick your feet in to cool off after your extensive journey to see it.

Whether you want to run, hike, walk or take your horse for a ride, this park has all of that. It is a perfect place to get away from reality, while not having to drive too far. 

If you are looking for more trails to hike during this next season, this hidden hike in Atlanta will take you to a secret tunnel and waterfall. Another one located in North Georgia is this one that will take you through a canopy forest to two waterfalls


Cochran Mill Park 

Price: $5 for parking

Address: 6875 Cochran Mill Rd. Palmetto, GA 30268

Why You Need To Go: This park has over 18 miles of trails that go deep into the forest. There are multiple waterfalls to see at this location as well. 

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