Georgia's weather has been less than warm lately, so many Atlantans are spending more time inside. Once the weather warms up, though, everyone is going to want to get outside and into nature. If you want to see something new, it will be a great time to take a road trip from Atlanta.

You don't have to drive far to find some incredible natural spots that are perfect for hiking. If you're willing to drive about three hours from the city, you may want to check out Alabama's Natural Bridge.

This bridge is located just outside the Bankhead National Forest in Haleyville, Alabama, and it might be one of the most impressive natural formations you've ever seen.

The bridge 148 feet long and 60 feet high, and it's estimated to be over 200 million years old. It's comprised of sandstone and iron ore.

Underneath the bridge is a cave-like area that's ideal for taking pictures and seeing the impressive structure of the bridge. While you are free to walk underneath the bridge as much as you want, it's not permitted to actually walk on the bridge.

Walking on the bridge is prohibited because there are no guard rails, making it easy to fall. Plus, with thousands of visitors checking it out every year, it can't be trusted not to collapse with all that weight.

This park is also a great place to go for a hike, as there are other stunning landscapes nearby. Looking for something closer to Atlanta for a day hike? One stunning spot features a waterfall, while another challenging hike is totally worth the views.

Hopefully, the weather gets warmer soon so the springtime adventures can finally begin!


Alabama's Natural Bridge

Price: $3.50

Address: Co Rd. 3500, Haleyville, AL

Why You Need To Go: This stunning natural bridge is a sight you just have to see.

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