Ladies, if you could describe your perfect day out with your closest gal pal, would it involve lots and lots of wine? If you answered yes, then boy do we have the mini-vacation for you! Start packing, because this vineyard near Austin is the perfect place to go for a girlfriends getaway in Texas.

Barons Creek Vineyards is located in Fredericksburg, Texas, just a short drive away from Austin.

It's one of the many vineyards within Fredericksburg and one of the newest. Since opening, it's been named one of Texas' hottest new wineries!

The vineyard is home to two gorgeous villas with plenty of room for you and your BFF or even a group of girls. 

If you do plan on staying in a villa, you'll have easier access to their incredible tasting center and any of their events being held.

That's right, we said tasting center!

Before we get there though, it's important to take note of all of the amazing events the vineyard is constantly putting on.

Live music with professional musicians, parties and even a Mardi Gras event are just some of what's currently scheduled for the coming months.

Before, during, and after your stay, though, you'll want to check out their wine tasting center.

This exquisite experience starts at $18 per person for sweet wine, $21 for a mix and $25 for reds.

There's the option for private tastings as well, in case you're wanting to enjoy a more intimate and personalized experience.

Specialty tastings are $35 per person and include food to go with your wine, which might be ideal if you're coming on an empty stomach.

Making a reservation for Barons Creek Vineyards is highly recommended, especially around the holidays.

It's totally up to you and your gal pal(s) what all you do while there, though we're sure you won't be disappointed by anything.

In case this is just one of many vineyards you're looking to visit in Fredericksburg, there's actually a wine shuttle you can take for just $30 to see them all.

Like we said, start packing!

Barons Creek Vineyards

Price: Varies

Address: 5865 Highway 290 E, Fredericksburg, TX

Why You Need To Go: There's so much fun for you and your bestie to have here, including villas to stay in, a wine tasting center, and so much more.

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