If you like shrunken heads, old monster movies and just generally anything totally weird, we have just the place for you to visit. The Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas has all of that stuff and much, much more. This odd museum really takes to heart the "Keep Austin Weird" motto. 

The Museum Of the Weird is filled with the craziest of attractions including an entire section dedicated to wax figures from famous monster movies. Some of the things you'll see at the museum include two-headed chickens, Sasquatch, and the most Instgramable King Kong you'll ever see.

Of course, all of that still isn't weird enough for the museum, so they also host free shows in the lobby and gift shop that demonstrate weird weapons people use and abnormal things people can do with their bodies. Visitors are more than welcome to take pictures of all the things the museum has to offer including their voodoo statues and the ever famous xenomorphs statue. 

Within the museum lies a gift shop that sells a variety of things like novelty trinkets, quirky hand sanitizers, and "Keep Austin Weird" key chains. The store itself has notable attractions like a giant statue of a venus fly trap which has become their mascot, lovingly named Lucy. 

Tickets to the museum are only $12 and you can visit from 10 AM to midnight every day of the week. They are open almost every day of the year since they are only closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

To hang out with Dracula, King Kong, and Frankenstein, you can visit the Museum of the Weird located at 412 E 6TH Street in Austin, Texas. For more information on the museum you can visit their website here. 

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