Texas has a variety of places that transport you to other decades in the past, but this specific one is extra beautiful. Hotel Emma in San Antonio is an extraordinary place that speaks to the luxury of the 1920s. The hotel was originally a brewhouse, but when prohibition kicked off, the place went through multiple phases before finally becoming a hotel.

The vintage hotel has a variety of different styles of rooms you can choose from, ranging from classic rooms to suites. The classic rooms offer the classic necessities like a queen sized bed, spacious living areas, and a dining room table. Other rooms offer a little more like a lounge for all of your best pals to come to visit and have a drink.

The suits are named after San Antonio's greatest spots as well as Otto and Emma, the founders of the brewery. Some of the suites are a massive two stories tall! Two of the suites are part of the original brewhouse and they have a wet bar to honor that fact. No matter what room you end up staying in, all of them have amazing views of the river.

Visitors of the hotel can enjoy a rooftop pool, a fitness center and bikes to explore around. The hotel has a massive restaurant and cafe with all locally sourced food. The cafe has so many great views for anyone to enjoy an amazing meal, whether they're staying in the hotel or not. Hotel Emmas has a jewelry and clothing store as well with pieces that are incredibly unique. If you happen to finish your book down by the pool, the hotel also has a beautiful library.

Rooms start at around $300 and work their way up depending on the room. Hotel Emma is located at 136 E Grayson St in San Antonio, Texas. To book a room at the hotel or to read more about their amazign history and accomodations, you can visit their website here.

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