If you drive just over an hour outside of Austin, you will be transported back in time into a town that's straight up out of the Old West. Filled with that signature Texas charm, Luckenbach, Texas is a wild west heaven that is perfect if you want to disconnect from reality for a weekend, a day, or even just a few precious hours. 

You probably remember hearing the name Luckenbach from that old school country song, but this place actually exists and it's a gorgeous break from the past faced lifestyle we live every day. As the song suggests, when you're in Luckenbach it's all about "getting back to the basics of love."


There are several activities to partake in during your visit, but everything begins and ends with the post office that now acts as a general store. This is is THE place where you would want to dig into some delicious grub. From barbecue sandwiches to the most epic Frito pie, you won't be able to resist that smokey aroma coming out of the "Feed Lot." We recommend coming hungry, or after a dip in one of the area's natural swimming holes.

Aside from just chilling and grubbing, you can get dressed up and visit the Luckenbach Dancehall that hosts concerts every weekend and aside from the musical guest, you'll get the occasional celebrity popping in for a visit. 


Luckenbach, Texas is a place completely frozen in time with it's bustling old west culture but has a cool updated rustic feel to scratch your itch for farmhouse aesthetic. Surrounding the town is Texas Grapes Wine Tours, the LBJ Nationalpark Willow Room Spa which has been described as a natural spa. 

This little oasis still has its roots planted in Texas tradition, and for good reason. People come from far and wide to just get away and have a special experience that somehow manages to pull off being old-fashioned and hip at the same time. 

Luckenbach, Texas

Price: 💸

Address: 412 Luckenbach Town Loop, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Why You Need To Go: Forget that time exists and step into a unique experience you can't get anywhere in America. 

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