With so many parks and recreational areas being closed for the foreeable future, it might be time to start planning trips for places that are still scheduled to remain open or re-open at the end of the month. This boardwalk in South Carolina will not only be great for seeing beautiful nature views, it's a perfect outdoorsy way to practice social distancing. 

The Woods Bay State Park is located in Olanta, South Carolina near the famous Button Museum. The massive 1,590 acres of land is mainly known for its wide array of wild life and beautiful, untouched swamplands. 

Experts have yet to come to clear consensus on how these lands were created. Some theorists speculate meteors, while scientists believe the eroded land was caused by sinkholes or strong currents along the coast. 

Many tourists enjoy the other-worldly view of the cypress-tupelo trees and surrounding oak-hickory forest. Much of the land is covered in natural growth so it's easy to get lost and feel as though civilization much further away. 

One of the best ways to see the land in its entirety is to walk the 1,150-foot-long boardwalk that takes visitors clear across the swamplands.

The waters below are known to be home to alligators so walkers are warned to be alert and aware when visiting this natural habitat.

Another great way to experience this wonder is to rent a canoe and paddle along the swamp waters. Though shallows in various areas, riders are warned to be cautious when planning this trip.

Park officials advise visitors to check their website for current water levels before venturing into the wild. 

Needing fresh air doesn't have to mean only stepping out your front porch - you can still embrace the great outdoors. 

Woods Bay State Park

Price: Free

Address: 11020 Woods Bay Rd., Olanta, SC 

Why You Need To Go: This State Park in South Carolina is home to a 1,150 boardwalk that is perfect for social distancing. 


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