Traveling to another country can be scary, especially with how pricey things inevitably start to get. The most expensive part about an international vacation is, no doubt, the tickets. Don't worry, Texans, we've got you covered. Below are cheap roundtrip flights from Texas to other countries for under $479 that'll help cure your wanderlust. 

Houston to London

Price: $480

Airline: Frontier

When: Mid-February 

Why You Need To Go: London is filled with so many iconic locations, and those accents, I mean, come on.


Dallas to Aruba

Price: $357

Airline: Spirit

When: February

Why You Need To Go: The water here is so crystal clear you'll never want to come back to Texas beaches.


Houston to Shanghai

Price: $320

Airline: Air Canada

When: Late February

Why You Need To Go: You'll be able to check Shanghai Disney off your bucket list. Plus, your mouth with never stop watering over authentic Chinese cuisine. 


Austin to Paris

Price: $418

Airline: Delta

When: Late March

Why You Need To Go: Holy crêpe! We've never seen tickets so cheap to everyone's dream destination. 


Houston to San Jose del Cabo

Price: $424

Airline: United

When: Late March

Why You Need To Go: Texas is still a little too cold right now, even for our liking, so this is the perfect place to escape to and get some much-needed sun.


San Antonio to Toronto

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