Finding a super awesome place to stay that caters to all of your summer needs can be hard. But being that Texas is such a large state means that we have to dig a little deeper to find the perfect vacay spot. The Inn on Lake Granbury has an amazing pool, a garden, private access to the lake itself, and all of that is topped off with amazing rooms and spectacular views of nature.

Guests who stay at the main house have private bathrooms, a shared common area, 24-hour kitchen amenities, loads of snacks, and in the afternoon, complimentary appetizers paired with wine. Those rooms also come with steam showers as well as showers with body jets, fireplaces, and outside porches or a balcony that overlooks the lake.

While you do get a private entrance to Lake Granbury, you can also choose to hang out in their saltwater pool. Either way, you can have tons of fun taking a dip and then take a great stroll through their garden. The gardens are filled with massive trees and benches that allow you to be at peace with nature and take a few amazing pics for the gram too.

Staying at the luxury Inn starts at just $200 a night and with a couple of friends, you could be spending less than $100 a night to enjoy this luxury estate! Depending on if you choose to be in a room or to have an entire loft, it can work its way up to over $600. 

The Inn At Lake Granbury is located at 205 West Doyle Street Granbury, Texas 76048. For more on the Inn including a list of their prices and amenities or to book your stay, you can visit their website here. 

Inn on Lake Granbury

Price Per Night: Starts at $200 

Neighborhood: Lake Granbury

Why you need to go: You can stay at this awesome estate in either their rooms or you can rent an entire house. The Inn has private access to the lake and complimentary appetizers and wine in the afternoon. 

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