Texas has a long list of urban legends that attract paranormal investigators from all over the world. Old Alton Bridge is one of those haunted places but half of the people that go there are adventuring for the paranormal activity and half are in search of the perfect shot for their portfolio or social media. The beautiful bridge is an amazing place to snap a few pics but maybe not so much late at night, when the mysteries take place. 

Old Alton Bridge is more commonly known to locals as Goatman's Bridge. The bridge connects Denton and Copper Canyon and is 135 years old. The bridge was abandoned for a larger model just a few years later. Most people didn't think much of the bridge until one night a couple reported seeing a mysterious goatman while driving on the bridge. 

There have been multiple murders that have occurred at this location, but the most notable is the one of a goat farmer named Oscar Washburn who was hung from the bridge. There have been people who have claimed to see the goatman creeping in the shadows late at night. Some people have decided to take it upon themselves to perform rituals to try and summon the goatman or contact anyone from the other side as they believe this site could be the best place to connect to other dimensions. 

Other people that have gone to the bridge have reported hearing the name Steve or Steven while they were there or while they were leaving. Most people associate that name with the goatman but others believe it might be an entirely different paranormal being trying to reach out. Locals have also reported hearing laughter on the bridge when there was no one else around. 

Despite its haunting history, many people still go to take pictures on the bridge or even just visit it on a run. Old Alton Bridge is located at Argyle, TX 76226. For more info, you can check out their yelp page here.

Old Alton Bridge

Price: Free

Address: Old Alton Bridge, Argyle, TX 76226

Why you need to go: The bridge is amazingly beautiful but it has a long history of being hunted for thrill seekers. We still don't recommend going at night, please be safe!


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