There are many things that watching Pocahontas as a kid made me want to do one day. One of these is spending the night in a teepee, showing respect and living as indigenous people have throughout our history. In Texas, this is more possible than ever. There's a Teepee rental located in the Woodlands of Music Springs, less than a two-hour drive from the lovely city of Dallas. 

The teepee rental accommodates up to six people and is $67.41 per night, making your stay less than $12 a night if you bring the max amount! Now that is cheap living. You and your friends will have such a fun time making the most of your summer. Road trips are well worth it when they lead you to somewhere as magical as this.

Within the teepee are one queen-size bed and four army-style cots. So whether it's a getaway with your boo or a nice girls-only road trip, you'll be all set. Although you're camping outdoors, there will still be plenty of towels and linens provided. Glamping over camping is very much a thing, and we can totally see why.

Don't worry about not having any internet, there'll be free WiFi which means yes, you'll very much be able to post about your stay. There'll also be an outdoor kitchen, bathroom, and shower so that everything you could possibly need is only a walk away. Start planning your short trip outside of Dallas ASAP, this listing does have five stars after all.

Tipi Rental

Price: 💸

Address: Hawkins, Texas

Why you need to go: This is such an adorable place to spend the night in, you'll feel like you're living straight out of a movie! Who needs to spend hundreds of dollars at a hotel when you can stay somewhere as cool and inexpensive as this.


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