If you like to try new things and venture out into the great sea of tasty and unique snacks, we have just the place for you to visit.  The British Emporium in Grapevine, Texas imports a variety of different goods all from the U.K. that you won't be able to find anywhere else in North Texas. From high afternoon tea to cardboard cutouts of the Queen, this is your one stop shop for all things British.

The shop has the biggest selection of British chocolates and teas in Dallas. The selection includes popular British tea brands such as Taylors of Harrogate, Twinings and Whittard of Chelsea. You can enjoy sipping on your favorite tea and crumpets all day long thanks to this place!

The coolest part of this place is that if you know and love a brand from overseas but you can't seem to track it down, you can request the shop to find it for you and they will use all of their skills to track it down. 

The shop carries snacks and foods all from the U.K. including meat pies, Eccles cakes and back bacon. The British Emporium carries Jaffa cakes, which are little biscuit sized cakes that are popular in England, as well as Walker chips that have flavors like cheese with onion and prawn cocktail. 

The shop also carries goods from some of the commonwealth including India and South Africa. 

Aside from snacks and drinks, they also have tea sets, pins, flags and much more. Every once in a while they will also have special themed treats such as a Harry Potter or Doctor Who corner. They often have cut-outs of the British Royal family hanging around and you're more than welcome to take pictures with them.

The Emporium often has events and celebrations to honor England and the people in it. If there is a big event pertaining to the royal family, the shop throws watch parties or has royal themed specials. If the family comes out with fine china or novelty items like engagement ring replicas, like the ones that surfaced after both Kate and Meghan's engagements, then you can bet the Emporium has those too. 

They also have days pertaining to Doctor Who where you can take pictures with the Tardis and pick up a few of your favorite British snacks while you're there. 

The British Emporium is located at 140 North Main Street and is open seven days a week. For more information on the emporium, you can check out their website here. 

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