Tiny houses are great ways to escape from your everyday life and they're even better when they have great views. This tiny house near Mill Creek National Park offers just that and a little more. The house is big enough for four people and has a/c which means you can enjoy a nice cool stay even in the super-hot Texas summer. 

The house sits on the banks of Lake Texoma and has a king-size bed ready for its guests. In true glamping fashion, the house does have tons of great amenities but it doesn't have a kitchen which means you'll have to eat the old fashioned camping way. While you might not have the convenience of a kitchen, you will still have electricity to charge your phone and laptop plus everyone's beloved air conditioning.

The bathrooms aren't in the tiny house but they are just a short walk away. You are also provided with outdoor seating so you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise during your stay.  There is also a hammock garden for guests to spend the day on. The house is suited for four people at a time but that's as big as the spaces go. 

A night at this tiny house is just $105 but there is a two-night minimum stay. Splitting the bill with 4 of your friends makes the spot ultra cheap for a weekend of fun! There are still rooms available for summer and more to come for fall.

For more the full list of amenities and more general information on the tiny house, you can visit the website here.


Tiny House By The Lake

Price Per Night:$105

Address: Near Mill Creek National Park, Texas

Why you need to go: This tiny house lets you have amazing views of the lake and they have a hammock garden that is free for guests to enjoy. 

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