Glamping can always be so much fun but it’s a lot better when you have some glorious views of nature to look at. This four-person luxury tent near Forth Worth comes with its own wonderful and spectacular views of nature plus kayaks for you to get out and explore. And if that wasn’t enough you also get a private Jacuzzi to add to the perfect glamping experience.

The tent comes with a beautiful deck where you can watch the sunrise while sipping some morning coffee. And the windows provide so much natural light so you’ll never lose the gorgeous natural view. If you happen to be worried about the Texas heat, you’ll be happy to know that the tent comes with air conditioning and if you want to go winter it also has central heating which makes it the perfect place to getaway year-round.

You can enjoy all of the best amenities inside like a coffee maker running water Wi-Fi and even cable, you can also enjoy all of the pleasures of camping with their complementary bbq and fire pit. Guests also have access to an old barn which has been transformed into an entertainment space where you can enjoy cocktails before dinner and the best views of the sunset.

You can enjoy a day of kayaking on the river that this luxury tent overlooks and even go exploring to find the nearby waterfall!

The cabin goes for about $185 a night and when split between four people it’s only about $50 a person. It is available now but the gorgeous cabin is so amazing that we suggest you book your stay soon.

To book your stay at this awesome nature-filled tent, you can visit their website here.

Luxury Tent near Fort Worth

Price Per Night: $185

Address or Neighborhood: 40 minutes from Fort Worth by Weatherford

Why you need to go: This awesome tent has all the best camping amenities plus a private jacuzzi and kayaks for you to explore nature.

Book Here

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