The dreary December weather probably has a lot of us counting down the days until summer. And with summer comes the opportunity for piling into a car with friends for a day trip. One trip you should consider is Cedar Point, which is only two hours outside of Detroit.

It's arguably the best amusement park in the Midwest and in 2020, they've got a lot of fun things planned for the park's 150th anniversary. One of those birthday activities is probably the most exciting giveaway of the year. 

150 people will win a Ticket of a Lifetime, meaning that they'll be able to get into the park for free for the rest of their lives!

Each winner also gets to select three family members or friends to win with them and all four people will receive free lifetime passes to the park. 

The contest is opening in February and you will be able to enter online or at the park.

Unfortunately, this contest is not open to residents of New York or Florida. 

The winners will be announced throughout 2020 so make sure to keep an eye on it because this is not a contest that you want to miss out on. The lifetime tickets will include access to the waterpark and exclusive access to some rides. 

Two of the rides at Cedar Point are an absolute must for anyone looking to be scared out of their minds in a fun way. 

When the Dragster peaks at 420 feet and drops you all the way down, your life just might flash before your eyes.


The Millennium Force is one of the longest rides at the park and it inspires that unique feeling of terror and joy that only comes from a really great coaster. 

The park is on Lake Erie and they have a waterpark and beach. There's really every fun summer activity at this place. Let's hope that one of us wins those lifetime tickets so we can keep going back!

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Cedar Point

Price: Day passes cost $45.90 per person if you buy them before the park opens for the season.

When: Opening for the 2020 season on May 9.

Address: 1 Cedar Point Dr., Sandusky, OH

Why You Need To Go: There's so much to do at this place and it's so close to Detroit! It's the perfect way to spend a summer day with friends. 

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