The weather can get quite extreme in Texas. The Lone Star State can go from 97 degrees Fahrenheit in summer to winters with temperatures around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. When it's hot outside, it's easy to cool off by taking a dip in any lake, spring or beach. However, when winter comes, things change. Luckily there’s a hot spring at Texas' Big Bend National Park so you don’t have to give up go for a relaxing swim no matter how cold it is outside.

Rio Grande Village Springs is a natural hot spring with a comfy temperature of 105 F all year round. It's a hot tub provided by mother nature.

Since its waters are heated by geothermal processes, they're considered to be fossil waters that carry minerals with healing properties. 

The Rio Grande runs right next to the spring, so while you bathe, you can relax and reset while taking in the landscapes full of mountains and lush vegetation.

The hot waters of the spring can be enjoyed in a convenient
"pool," created from the ruins of an old bathhouse from the early 1900s. Park service demolished the structure in the 50s, but the concrete that delimited the pool was left intact. 

The spring is located in the Hot Springs District, near Rio Grande Village on the east side of Big Bend National Park. To get there, you should take Hot Springs Road to the trailhead just before the village.

Before reaching the parking area, you'll get to see a few buildings from the old 1900s resort that you can explore.

From there, you can hike an easy half-mile trail to the spring. The area is not accessible by car.

After you relax in the comfy warm waters of the spring, it's time to explore the gorgeous surroundings. Go for a three-mile hike on the Hot Springs Canyon Trail. Just follow the Rio Grande river until you encounter the Chihuahuan desert.

You could also stop by the stunning Window Trail that leads to one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Big Bend.

Along the way, you'll encounter beautiful flowers and tons of fossils in the rocks! You can also spot more ruins and amazing landscapes from the nearby sierras and mountains.

This destination is perfect to fight the cold days in Texas, but also to have a girl trip any time of the year. 

Although the spring has no age restriction, if you have sensitive skin, you should bathe with caution. Children should also have limited exposure to the warm waters. 

Rio Grande Village Springs

Price: Park fee is $30

Address: Big Bend Ranch State Park, 1900 S. Saucedo, Presidio, TX

Why You Need To Go: Now that temperatures are dropping in Texas, all roads lead to these awesome hot springs to warm up. Also, go for a hike in the spring — it is so gorgeous!

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