Everyone wants to make their grand escape across the country at some point in their lives, and now is the perfect time to do it. You can score the epic trip of a lifetime for half off with a free Amtrak trip from Texas, or other cities across America, with the purchase of one seat ticket. That means you can buy a seat across the country for you and get a free trip for a friend!

There is no better way to experience the beauty of the American countryside than through the giant clear windows of a fast-moving train.

You don't have to focus on staying the speed limit or having to pull over for potty breaks like you would have to in a car. It's all just smooth sailing and watching the world pass you by in total comfort.

For their limited-time deal, you can buy one Amtrak ticket and get the second one free when you book a Coach seat or a Sleeper on certain routes across the country. You and your friend or partner can choose to sit next to each other or experience the world in your own Sleeper room.

You get your own comfortable space, a full dining car, café, stunning views, and more while traveling across the country to experience cities you've always wanted to see.

To get this insane deal, you have to book your trip from January 7 to January 12, 2020, and plan on traveling between February 1 and June 12, 2020.

The deal isn't available for every train they have, but there sure is a huge selection! One example is their exciting trip heading out from San Antonio that drops you off in New Orleans, Louisiana. A Texan that hasn't taken a weekend trip to NOLA is no Texan at all!

On any other day, you can still score tickets from Texas to California for only $161 a person, which is incredible compared to all the gas and hotels you'd be spending on a road trip.

Wanting to stay in-state? Texas has a brand new wine train that takes you all across the Hill Country for a day among wineries and vineyards that you cannot miss out on.

Amtrak BOGO Free Sale

Original Price: $160+ each

Sale Price: Buy One, Get One Free

Why You Need It: This is your excuse to get out of the state and explore your country and all the beauty it has to offer. Bring your friend along for the coolest gift you could ever give them!

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