While many of us may have hated driving when we felt like we were always doing it, now it's something we wish we could go back to doing on a regular basis. For those of you planning a road trip through Texas in the future, we have just the place to check out along the way. Whether you're a true Texan like Sandy from Spongebob or a newcomer to the Lone Star State, it's somewhere we're sure you'll have a good laugh about.

Huntsville, Texas is home to a Cowboy Hat House, as well as a Cowboy Boot House. The two sit side-by-side which is obviously very fitting.

The Cowboy Boot House was completed back in 2017 by Dan Phillips, with plans to build a Cowboy Hat House next door in the near future.

The Cowboy Hat House was completed by 2018 and is a fantastic companion for the Cowboy Boot House.

Both houses are made from recycled and donated material, which means for those currently living in the two houses, they're living clean.

The Cowboy Boot House is even bigger than what pictures make it seem, sitting at 35-feet-tall!

Those living in Houston have just over an hour's drive if they'd like to see the two for themselves, from a distance or from your cars.

Everyone else will have a bit longer of a drive, but hey, the more fresh air these days the better.

Above you can see the Cowboy Hat House, true to its name. The massive figure sits proudly on top of a rustic wooden cabin home.

Who knew houses could wear cowboy hats? Texans, that's who.

Above is the Cowboy Boot House, though the cowboy boot itself is only a small portion of the home.

The next time you're driving through Huntsville, or planning a road trip through Texas, be sure to add these two to the list of stops along the way.

Cowboy Boot & Hat Houses

Price: Free

Address: 2640 11th St., Huntsville, TX

Why You Need To Go: You won't have to leave your car to admire how Texan these two buildings are. 

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