Houston is a fantastic place that has so much to do and see. When looking for a place to stay in the city, it can get kind of expensive, but thankfully this awesome Houston Airbnb has stunning city views for cheap

The studio apartment is big enough to sleep three people and it is listed at only $85 a night. The home is super green with all of the well-kept plants everywhere around the studio, but the absolute best feature of the Airbnb is the balcony. There you'll be able to sit outside with a breathtaking view of downtown Houston.

On the balcony, there is a table and a sofa area that are perfect to lounge on at any time of day. Inside the home, you'll find a projector to take the place of the TV. You'll feel like you're in the comfiest movie theater watching all of your favorite shows on an entire wall.

Staying at the house will give you access to the gym and wifi during your entire stay. There is a shared pool and you're more than welcome to take a dip whenever you'd like

You can stay for a weekend, but they also allow a 28 day stay upon request. There are several spots open for the rest of the year, but we suggest you book in advance to ensure you're staying with this stunning view. 

If you have travel fever like us, then you know finding places to stay can sometimes be the most expensive part of traveling. If you're looking for cheap places to stay check out our list of  Airbnb stay all over Texas for less than $100.

Houston View Stay 

Price Per Night: $85

Address Or Neighborhood: Downtown Houston

Why You Need To Go: This place has a stunning view of the city for super cheap.

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