Houston is known for many things, from putting the first man on the moon and its insane humidity, but what it hasn't really ever been known for is for having fantastical medieval architecture. However, that doesn't mean the city doesn't have any magical looking places because this bed & breakfast in the heart of Houston looks like it was ripped straight out of a fairy tale and was planted in urban Texas! 

Houston Towers Inn is a B&B filled with magical towers and walkways that offer the best views of the city. Everything looks more spectacular when its seen from an actual turret, and that includes the Downtown Houston skyline.

The inn has seven unique rooms, including the Fairytale Tower Suite, which will make you feel like you're a real-life Rapunzel! The whole B&B is beautifully decorated in a storybook-meets-Texas kind of style. 

Their rates start at $140 a night and depending on the room, they can sleep from two to four people.

Prices are even cheaper right now because they're having a winter sale through January where the rooms are 25% off! 

The location of the magical B&B is super convenient and you can access all of Houston's major landmarks easily from the central spot.

If you're looking to just stay in and enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience of sleeping at a magical castle, that's okay too!

The Houston Towers has a pool that is covered in lush greenery and carries on the unique, fairytale feeling to the outdoors.

During your stay at the mystical Towers, you can keep the storybook vibe going by visiting a medieval castle just outside of Houston, it even has a moat!

These aren't the only fairytale-esque places in the city, there are actually a lot of spectacular spots in town, you can find all of these enchanting places in Houston on our site.

Houston Towers Inn

Price per night: Starting at $140

Address: 2309 Wichita St, Houston, TX 

Why you need to go: You have views of the downtown Houston skyline from an actual castle turret!

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