No matter what car you drive, spending lots of money on gas to get to where you need to go can honestly be the worst part of the week. Turns out, there's actually a particular day you should go to the gas station to avoid spending the amount you normally would! According to ABC13, here are the best days to pump up your gas in the biggest Texas citites.

The way to locate the best gas station prices is by using GasBuddy, a service that can help users find the cheapest gas in their areas. If you live in the Houston or Austin areas, or even if you're just visiting, Tuesday is the day to fill up. For other cities in Texas such as San Antonio and Dallas, Monday is the best and cheapest day. Their newest survey has found that the earlier in the week you fill up, the better. 

If early in the week works for you, but Monday or Tuesday don't, don't stress. Just so long as you're not getting gas over the weekend, you'll still be saving some money. Sunday is the absolute worst day for Houston residents or visitors, so avoid going that day whenever you can. 

Saving money where you can, especially if you're on a budget or saving for a vacation is pretty important. Often times gas takes up a big chunk of that, so having the knowledge of when to go and when not to is key. Being able to splurge on an extra breakfast taco can make the difference of a good or a bad week, we know it can for us! 

Hopefully now you know when to fill up your car and when to avoid it! And with Texas towns being so giant and far apart, Texans definitely have to buy gas a lot.

For more information on GasBuddy and to find the cheapest times and gas stations near you, you can visit their website here.

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