The Magnolia State is full of hidden wonders if you wander off the beaten path. And if you’re already planning your summer bucket list of amazing places to road trip to, you should definitely add this location to the list. The tallest waterfall in Mississippi, Dunn's Falls, stands 65 feet tall and is a perfectly picturesque spot to cool off. The rustic old grain mill near the fall's edge no longer turns but still stands as an icon of Mississippi’s history.

Dunn’s Falls has been flowing since the mid-1850s, founded by Irish immigrant John Dunn. The mill is nearly as old, as it was constructed in 1857. It originally sat in Georgia but was later moved to its current Mississippi location in 1987.

Today, the mill has aged and slowed, but the falls still run just as they did years ago. The old mill house totes a “no trespassing” sign; while you won't be able to explore its interior, it's eerily old beauty is still able to be admired from afar.

The spot is now enjoyed by the public as a natural water park. The Chunky River that the falls flow into offer crystal clear waters perfect for fishing, canoeing, and even swimming.

While visiting the falls, you can take an easy hike through the trails in the surrounding woods that will eventually loop you back around to the water.

You can even stay the night at the primitive campsites nearby for just $15, or upgrade to a cozy cabin for $90.

If you’re wanting to explore the water and Chunky River more, there are boat and paddleboard rentals also available on the property.

Day use of the park is $3.25 for adults, and there are some beautiful picnic areas and grilling spots to have a cookout for the day too.

Bring your boo and you suddenly have an affordable day date for two.

Whether you decide to hike, swim, or lounge, you can admire this beautiful waterfall all day and soak up the natural magic of Mississippi!

Dunn's Falls

Price: $3.25 admission

Address: 6890 Dunn's Falls Road Enterprise, MS

Why You Need To Go: This historic waterfall is Mississippi's tallest, and a gorgeous spot to spend a hot summer day! Camping, swimming, fishing, and paddleboarding make it a great weekend escape destination.

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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