There's a certain kind of magic that movies cast on us, sometimes even making us want to jump through the screen and join the cinematic universe. The best films are always the most memorable, and who hasn't at least heard of Forrest Gump? Calling all movie buffs: if you're down for a short road trip, you can find the Forrest Gump bench at The Savannah History Museum — fans can even visit the square where the bench was placed in the movie.

The Savannah History Museum and Chippewa Square are only a two-hour drive from Jacksonville, or a four-hour drive if you're embarking on your trip from Orlando.

The two spots are just 10 minutes from each other, taking you on a mini walking tour of a part of the set from the famous flick.

Although the story was set in Alabama, the movie was largely filmed in South Carolina. The bench scenes, however, were actually shot in Georgia.

That very bench that Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump sat on in the film was actually just a prop. The bench now hangs out in an exhibit in the Savannah History Museum, roped off with a photo from the film's famous scene and the small briefcase Gump carried sitting together on it.

Chippewa Square is where the 1994 movie prop was placed during the film. While there are benches scattered throughout the park, none are quite in the exact spot where Forrest sat.

If you want to recreate the "box of chocolates" scene from the movie, there is a ledge you can sit on in front of the statue of General James Oglethorpe

Chippewa Square dates back to the 1800s, a perfect southern gem to check out if you're a history buff too. Visit in the summertime when it's lush and sunny, just like in the movie.

Now is a great time to rewatch the classic film and put these spots on your movie set visit wishlist. This is the perfect quick road trip for all you Southern cinephiles out there. 

Savannah History Museum 

Price: $9 admission 

Address: 303 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Savannah, GA 

Why You Need To Go: If you love the movie, this trip is totally worth the drive. You'll be able to see the famous bench from Forrest Gump up close!

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