When we think of fairytales, some of the first things to come to mind are cute little houses tucked away in the whimsey of a lush forest with sweeping garden views. Lichgate on High Road is the embodiment of this fairytale fantasy, you'll forget you're moments away from the busy streets of Tallahassee.

Only a few blocks down the road from Florida University's main campus lies Lichgate, a cabin situated among the trees between the student apartment complexes. You'll have to walk a short trail to get there first, transporting you to what feels like a long way from the city.

You just park at the end of the trail pathway and wander the wooded path - leading you to this quiet 3.5-acre fairytale oasis. It's a perfect place for a quiet lunch with a beautiful little picnic - they just ask that you throw any trash brought with you into the bin to keep the grounds beautiful.

As you approach the darling wooden cabin, its age and style only add to that fantasy feel. The cabin was the creation of Laura Jepsen, a then literature professor, who longed for a place to feel at peace and preserve the beauty of nature. The cabin was made to resemble an English style Tudor home in the 1950s..

We can see why the late Jepsen chose this place for her home - the sweeping pathways of the labyrinth, the giant oak, and the Shakespearean Garden inspire a feeling of awe, relaxation, and whimsey similar to fairytale stories.

Snap a photo during your visit to capture that whimsical feeling to take home with you forever. The magnificent oak tree and stone labyrinth are a couple of favorite spots for some of the most gorgeous photos.

If you have a curiosity for seeing the inside of the cabin, it can be toured by setting an appointment; Appointments to tour the fairy tale cabin in the woods can be set by phone call, email, or message to their Facebook page. They sometimes hold events here; always be sure to check their social media for updates before planning a visit.

Whether you schedule a cabin tour or simply visit the beauty of the grounds, you'll never want to leave this hidden fairy tale oasis.

Lichgate Cabin on High Road

Price: Free - donations are welcomed as they go to keep the property well cared for and beautiful for years to come.

Hours: Dawn until dusk; you just park at the end of the trail and walk up to the cabin through the woods. 

Address: 1401 High Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32304

Why you need to go: This beautiful little place is hidden just a few blocks from Florida State University's main campus that you have to check out; it gives all those fairy tale cottage vibes situated on over 3 acres of landscape. The giant oak tree is something to behold, and the lush landscape is the perfect backdrop for your Insta-photos. 


We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit a potentially hazardous location, you check for the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, always respect the environment.

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