Hostels have been riding in popularity since Airbnb picked up but none are quite as funky and creative as this one. La Loma Del Chivo Hostel in Marathon, Texas has the coolest shaped and wackiest themed houses around. The houses are made completely out of recycled materials and have amazing views of the gorgeous Texas sunset.

One of these awesome houses is Becka's Beehive. The house is shaped and decorated like a beehive and only sleeps one person. The place is perfect for a solo trip and was designed for anyone one person under 6'4. The house comes with electricity and heat. Guests staying in the space have access to the hostel's communal bathroom and kitchen. Staying the night in this unique house is only $30 per night.

When you really need time alone you can stay up to 28 days in the house. The hive does not have TV or wifi so we recommend taking a good book with you for intertainment. While there are no spots open for the month of May there are plenty open for the rest of summer.

These are just two of the six spots on La Loma Del Chive you can stay at. Including The Goat Shed that is big enough for five guest incase you don't feel like traveling alone. All of the houses are made to be enviormentally friendly. Reservations for the houses can only be made through Airbnb.

La Loma Del Chive is located at 401 SW 6th Street, Marathon, TX 79842.

To see all the cool houses you can stay in and to find more information, you can visit their official website here.

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