With the different Airbnb's and boutique hotels popping up all over the place, the place you stay when you vacation is an experience in itself. If you really want to get the experience of a lifetime, you need to go all out when you travel to Chattanooga. There are actually lake cabin rentals in Chattanooga that will change the way you vacation forever.

Hales Bar Marina & Resort is located right outside of Chattanooga in Haletown, Tennessee. This is where these beautiful floating cabins sit, right on Nickajack Lake.

You'll wake up to a sunrise reflecting off the glassy lake and admire the sunset in the evenings while you relax on your porch. 

You'll be able to rent these free-floating cabins year-round and we tell you, they go fast. Who wouldn't want to stay in one of these adorable cabins that make you feel like you're in paradise?

You can choose from one to three-bedroom cabins that range from $149 to $275. These are incredible prices for the experience you get when you stay here.

While you're here, you don't even have to leave the resort to have fun. You can rent pontoon boats that can hold up to 14 people at $400 for eight hours, or you can rent an open deck boat that holds up to six people for $300 all day. 

Being only 15 miles from downtown Chattanooga, you'll be able to explore the city if you want to see more of what this location has to offer. 

While you're in Chattanooga, you might as well go exploring. Two places that should be on your list are this cave that is one of the most geologically active caverns in the South and this mountain you can hike to get incredible 360-degree views of mountain tops

Floating Cabins

Price Per Night: $149+

Address: 1265 Hales Bar Rd., Guild, TN

Why You Need To Go: These cabins sit right on a beautiful glassy lake that will make your experience in Chattanooga just that much better. 

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