Everyone around the world has been social distancing for about a month. If you're going stir crazy in your house, just going for a drive might help take your mind off things. The longest bridge in North Carolina is a great place to roll your windows down, blare some music and just drive. 

US 64 in North Carolina, also known as the Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge, will take you across three bodies of water. The bridge is named after the first baby born in America to the English settlers in Roanoake Colony in 1587.

The four-lane bridge is approximately 5.2 miles and goes from Manns Harbor to Roanoke Island.

Virginia Dare Bridge sits 65 feet off the ground and is supported by 88 columns made out of concrete.

Before the Virginia Dare Bridge was built, only the William B. Umstead Bridge used to exist which only had two lanes.

This was the main way visitors would get from the mainland of North Carolina to the Outer Banks and Roanoake Island. 

Because of the influx of people traveling to these destinations, traffic would build-up and it would take hours to get to the islands. 

Finally, there were four-lane portions built into US 64 and the Manns Harbor Bridge part of the highway was formally renamed the Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge. 

Instead of having to weave in and out of tiny towns to get to the islands, this bridge removes 30 minutes of travel time so travelers can get there quicker.

Throughout your journey over the bridge, 0.75 miles of it will be over wetlands, while the rest of the time you'll be over the Croatan Sound, an inlet similar to a river. 

Once you get to the other side of the bridge, where you'll be met with Roanoke Island. You might as well stay and explore this 8-mile long island as well. 

Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge 

Price: Free

Address: Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge, Manns Harbor, NC

Why You Need To Go: This bridge will take you into the beautiful Outer Banks and Roanoake Island in North Carolina. 


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