If you wanted to go to Europe this summer, now's your chance to experience Italy in the heart of LA. This historic waterfront neighborhood on the scenic LA canals is the ultimate gem, especially around sunset. You can take a leisurely walk along the canals and cross small arching bridges or bring a little boat. Is it just us or do you want to take pictures of literally everything?

To locals, it’s common knowledge that Venice Beach is one of the trendiest parts of Los Angeles. Chances are, you already know about the adorable boutique shops lining Abbot Kinney Boulevard, hot spots like Intelligentsia Coffee, and the jaw-dropping Muscle Beach. Sure, they are all worthwhile day trip adventures. But they don’t offer an experience that looks like you’ve found a little piece of Italy in southern California.

Even though the canals are located on 25th Street right by Venice Beach, you could easily walk past them. They’re hidden in a quaint little neighborhood and run for about a quarter of a mile each. Make sure to bring your camera; this is one for the gram! If you’re in the mood, you can also paddleboard or canoe down the canals yourself. Can’t you just imagine yourself in Italy's Venice canals? Now, all you need is a delicious scoop of gelato. 

You can row down this scenic waterway and look at all of the cute waterfront homes. Besides being a haven for sunsets and gorgeous Instagram pictures, the Venice Canals are also historical. According to the official Abbot Kinney website, they’ve been around since 1905 when the millionaire real estate developer Abbot Kinney decided to dig a few canals and bring a little slice of Venice, Italy to California.

While the city doesn’t allow any motorized vehicles or swimming in the canals, you can bring your paddleboard, kayak, or canoe and launch them off from the ramp at Venice Boulevard.

The old-timey vibes are preserved today. Think retro vibes framed by a lush LA setting. Keep a lookout for a hot pink flamingo boat and a beautiful house made completely out of glass.


Lush greenery complements the colorful homes, and the water reflects nothing but sunny skies below. We're loving it. There’s also a wide variety of wildlife that calls this hidden gem their home. This place is full of gorgeous photo opportunities and a vibrant life that keep the locals coming back.

Venice Canals: Los Angeles

Location: Venice, CA 90292

Hours: Open 24 hours

Why You Should Go: This charming historic neighborhood offers a little slice of Italy in LA. Stroll along scenic canals or paddleboard down them yourself!

Editor’s note: Since this is a neighborhood, be sure to be respectful of people’s homes and property. The city does not allow motorized vehicles or swimming in the canals.

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