South Florida is home to some truly spectacular vacation rentals. None, however, may hold a candle to this hidden Moroccan Villa rental in Florida. Covered in lush tropical palm trees and packed with amenities, this home will provide an intimate backdrop for you and your significant other.

The landscape surrounding this property will leave you breathless. The rental sits in a quiet neighborhood, but when you stroll up to the massive, red double doors, you will be transported into a paradise.

This spot is a perfect mix of surreal and serene, decked out with a Moroccan style top, lights, and furniture that beautifully matches the overall aesthetic. If you don't want to be inside, head outside and watch as a gorgeous oasis unfolds before your very eyes.

The backyard patio is large enough to hold a function and has an equally sizable backyard that leads to an upscale golf course. Who has time to golf, however, when there's a lush, tropical pool that is just waiting for you to unwind?

This basin is filled with turquoise waters and is hidden by tropical, palm tree foliage that will provide much-needed privacy during your stay.

The private and luxurious atmosphere will make you feel like you're in a resort villa in the Mediterranean.

The villa has four bedrooms and sleeps up to eight people. Each bedroom is distinct in design and style, and all look super comfy.

The house comes complete with a gas grill and wireless internet. You'll also be super close to the beach — only five minutes to be exact.

You won't need a passport to go to Morocco this summer. This villa has everything you need in a serene atmosphere and location to have a great, relaxing getaway.

Lush Moroccan Rental 

Price: 💸 💸

Address: Lake Worth, FL 

Why You Need To Go: This lush tropical home will make you feel as if you've embarked on a Moroccan vacation. 

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