Among the many places to hike along Florida's boardwalk trails, Tree Tops Park has a bit of a different feel. Get ready to step into an enchanted forest of hanging vines and mossy trees. This tropical park in South Florida has a hidden boardwalk that will lead you to sweeping leafy views up in the tree canopy, surrounding you in the beauty of nature.

You'll find Tree Tops Park nestled away in Davie on the southeast coast, featuring a winding boardwalk that looks like a labyrinthian maze straight out of a movie.

You can wander down the zig-zagging path beneath swinging vines and feel immersed in a lush jungle-like dreamscape — almost as if you've found your way deep into a miniature version of the Amazon.

The twists and turns will lead you to an observation tower that stands 28 feet tall. Trek the steps to the top and get a stunning 360-degree view of the area.

There are nearly 250 acres to explore at this incredible place, including horseback riding trails and a scenic hike through freshwater swampland. 

There are three trails you can hike, Live Oak Trail, Seminole Trail, and Pine Island Drive, all of which are under a mile long. 

Paddleboarding and picnicking are just a couple of cool things you could do while visiting these tropical grounds. 

You won't regret escaping to this enchanting spot. The park is even pet-friendly, so your furry best friend can come along for the adventure. 

Tree Tops Park is just a 40-minute drive from Miami, a quick and easy road trip from the Magic City. Best of all, entry to the park costs only $1.50 per person

South Floridians need to add this stunning destination to their travel bucket lists. Bonus points if you go when it's sprinkling for extra rain forest vibes. 

Tree Tops Park

Price: $1.50 per person

Address: 3900 S.W. 100th Ave., Davie, FL

Why You Need To Go: Explore this incredible SoFlo park and you'll feel like you're in the dense jungle. Zig-zagging boardwalks and an observation tower offer a unique viewing experience.

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