Traveling to sugar-sand beach destinations sounds like a viable option but there are other places that offer more than a sunset view at the Bahamas. For the adventure seeker looking to broaden their travel list, these underrated hot spots will make you want to start packing right now. Here are cheap travel destinations from Florida to visit this summer season.

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is a modern city in the South with many boutiques, restaurants and an impressive art district. There are plenty of fashionable cafes and art galleries that have made this city one of the top destinations for bachelorettes and travel bloggers.

The Queen City has a lot to offer including outdoor activities, museum visits, and urban tours. Also, if you are looking for unique Southern food explore these amazing current brunch spots: Vivace, Plaza Midwood, and Tupelo Honey. Also, visit the newly opened Jeni's Ice Creams. You can drive from Miami for approx $155 round trip.

Sayulita, Mexico

Sayulita has the perfect bohemian beach for the chic hipster. Instead of traveling to Tulum this summer, explore the colorful village filled with Instagram-worthy streets and amazing Huichol art souvenir stores.

Surfers frequent Sayulita as it is located on Mexico's Pacific coast. Sayulita has a lot of charm and perfect for low-budget travelers. You can book a flight for less than $500 from Miami to Puerto Vallarta, which is 17 miles away from Sayulita.

Montreal, Quebec

The French-Canadian city offers history, architecture, and one of the best poutineries. A stroll down Old Port of Montreal during summer will give you a glimpse of Europe through their cobblestone streets.

Quebecois know how to enjoy patio-dining during the warm summer nights and you will taste the best beer in your life. This 19th-century city has many cathedrals to explore. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Fashion Museum are a must-visit. Airbnbs are super cheap in this city and you can find a rental for CAD 30 a night.

Boca Chica, Panama

This hidden paradise is ideal for solo travelers. This small town in Panama offers travelers the opportunity to disconnect from a hectic lifestyle and embrace a mindful moment.

"I loved the feeling of being completely disconnected from the noise of a big city amongst untouched nature...It was the ultimate experience for those looking to disconnect and reconnect with themselves" Zeinab, a recent traveler who visited this place shared with Narcity. 

Also, it is one of the best beach towns you will ever visit. You can find flights for less than $600 and is a better option than traveling eight hours to Hawaii.


This bright-colored and Dutch-inspired city offers the most picturesque sights for your Instagram. Curaçao is the ultimate foodie's getaway that offers unique cuisine and ultimate landscapes. This is the place to try seafood from local fishermen, Dutch pancakes, and sunset cocktails. Flights from Miami start from $377 for the month of July.

Each of these destinations will fulfill your appetite and provide visual therapy. These cities offer affordable accommodation and cheap activities to make your summer unforgettable. 

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