This is the true story of an awesome mini-resort. You can rent out the MTV Real World House in Key West this summer. Get together with 10 of your closest friends and enjoy this unique home in the middle of paradise.

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Back in 2006, seven strangers descended on this anything-goes island city with cameras in tow. The house the roommates once called home is now available for rent, and it packs just as many amenities as it did 14 years ago. 

You can't talk about the party house without mentioning its remarkable location. You and your crew will be in easy walking distance from Duval Street, the epicenter of partying in the Keys.

However, there are just as many things to do at the house that you won’t even need to venture to Old Town Key West

The mini-resort has 14 plasma TVs, a pool table, tennis court, hammocks so you can lounge around in the summer sun, and five paddleboards to take full advantage of the waters that surround and snake through the city. 

Oh, that’s not all. 

The fun palace also has 20 bikes, seven kayaks, a basketball court, a gym, and a 60-foot boat dock to play with all of those toys. Who needs Duval Street when everything you need to party is right there in the house?

The only thing that would be missing from this experience is the camera crew, but in the age of smartphones, you and your buddies can create your TV magic, and create Real World-ish episodes.

That will especially come to fruition when you check out the pool, which is a perfect personification of Key West — relaxation and paradise

Granted, most of the accommodations in Key West are spectacular in their own right, but the Real World party mansion sits on a tier of its own.

The sprawling size and absurdly-loaded amenities beg for you to assemble your crew and live out the Real World dream, without the hassle and reality drama.

The Real World MTV House

Price: $2,382 per night 

Address: Key West, FL 

Why You Should Stay Here: Hang out like a Real Worlder in this sprawling mini-resort that has every comfort your heart desires. 

Book Here

Prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.

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