Feeling those lazy Sunday vibes —you know, that urge to do something but you just don't want to get out of bed? We've all been there. If Netflix just isn't cutting it anymore, there are tons of eerie sunken statues and shipwreck sites in Florida waters that you can visit without getting wet.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) has interactive 360-degree photos so you can virtually explore giant statues and ghostly shipwrecks at the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. 

The NOAA has managed to capture several captivating sites that will take you on an unforgettable dive straight from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone —no fins or diving training required.

You can go "under the sea" and explore Christ of the Abyss, Cheeca Rocks Sanctuary Preservation Area, Coral Nursery, Aquarius Reef Base, and Benwood Wreck. 

A few of these spots offer incredible views of sunken manmade objects that will make you feel totally immersed. 

Christ of the Abyss is an iconic underwater statue of Jesus located in Key Largo. It's a rendition of the original figure found in Italy. 

Another must-see is Benwood, a ship that crashed and sank in 1942. Today, it serves as a home for diverse sea life.

If you have virtual reality goggles, you can pair them with your phone for an enhanced experience of these popular underwater locations.

Around 1,000 ships rest on the seafloor of the Keys. Some of these wrecks can be visited in person by free-diving or scuba diving, including Benwood.

Take a "dip" in tropical waters from your couch this spring. These beautiful interactive images may inspire you to put scuba diving on your Florida bucket list.

*cover images for illustrative purposes 

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Virtual Dive

Price: Free

Why You Need To Do It: Channel your inner Ariel and take the plunge into the virtual waters of the Keys. You'll view some unforgettable sights.

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