Miami seems to have more hidden places than a needle in a haystack. From speakeasies to password-entry rooftop bars, there's another place to find that one artifact you've been searching for: Stone Age Antiques is a warehouse packed with nautical antiques and vast assortment of unusual objects. 

This shop has been in business for more than 50 years and contains so many items sure to keep you very busy during your first visit. Additionally, this is the spot to take dramatic pictures if you want a super unique backdrop. It is located in an out-of-the-way place on the Miami River and stocks hard-to-find items such as an iron cannon from a 1720 Spanish warship, military memorabilia, and even farm implements - many of which are for sale. You can find cannons for $1,500 to $2,500, and though a little pricey, we admit it would be a nice way to decorate your Game of Thrones-inspired playroom.

The place is so packed with stuff that visitors need to single file through meandering paths. The shop has a backyard full of bathtubs, boats, barrels, and basically anything you need for your nautical experience.

If you are still wondering how weird can it get, here are some examples of items you can find here: African masks, bongo drums, wagon wheels, primitive wood bowls from Panama, wood pitchforks, walking sticks, 1815 German trunk, and more. 

The owner gets stuff from all over the world and most locals only know this place by word of mouth. If you are looking for original items for your business, Stone Age Antiques also rents props to film companies, producers of commercials and MTV. Imagine this place as a shoppable museum. 

If you are ready to shop 'til you drop, Stone Age is located at 3236 NW South River Drive, Miami, FL 33142. For more information about this place, weird product availability, and hours click here.

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