Nature has a way of creating beautiful works of art that can be admired at any given time, no matter the season. One of these natural wonders happens to be located in a nature preserve in Virginia. It's a detailed creation that tourists and locals both admire of its majestic views. 

Named The Great Channels of Virginia, these 400-million-year-old rock labyrinth is a fascinating geological discovery. The Channels are a section within the 721-acre land protected by The Natural Area Preserve.

Geologists determined the formation was created sometime during the Ice Age with permafrost and ice carving into the soft sandstone. Over time, the maze formed and is now one of the best hiking spots in the state

For adventurers looking to get out and enjoy incredible tunnel views, they can make their way through the 6.6-mile length of the hike. The crevices are about 30 to 40 feet high so travelers will feel as though they're in a Southern Grand Canyon. 

While it's not reported to be difficult, there are many turns and boulders to potentially climb over, making it challenging for some. To complete the hike is clocked in at four hours so packing light and a lunch is best on this journey.

The beginning of the Channels start on the Brumley Mountain Trail. Around the one-mile marker, visitors will find privately-owned cabins that'll lead into a section of the hike called Shallow Gap.

Hikers can continue onto a much steeper area of the hike around the second mile. Around the marker for mile three, tourists come to an abandoned shelter and fire tower.

The rest of the hike consists of a few more winding turns until  the end when a parking lot can be seen at the opening. 

Some of the most beautiful places aren't on the other side of the world - they're in our own Southern backyards.

The Great Channels Of Virginia 

Price: Free

Address: Rosedale, VA 

Why You Need To Go: This 400-million-year-old rock formation is one of the most unique geological creations on the east coast. 

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