Temperatures in Texas are finally starting to climb, and so is our urge to get outdoors and explore. Luckily, the nature spots in Texas that are open are seemingly endless during this time of nice spring weather and it's the perfect break from being indoors. Below are eight places that'll make "take a hike" sound like a good thing.

360 Bridge Overlook

Price: Free

Address: 5300 N. Capital of Texas Hwy., Austin, TX 

Why You Need To Go: This is one of the easiest hikes in all of Austin with one of the best views. How often do you come by that?


Hermann Park

Price: Free

Address: 6001 Fannin St., Houston, TX

Why You Need To Go: This park is the perfect place to take in good 'ole H-Town, plus, pups are welcome.


Enchanted Rock State National Area

Price: Free - $8

Address: 16710 Ranch Rd. 965, Fredericksburg, TX

Why You Need To Go: They have hiking trails perfect for all levels of experience. Once you've made a good enough climb, you'll be greeted by the most gorgeous views.


The Blue Lagoon

Price: 💸

Address: 649 Pinedale Rd., Huntsville, TX

Why You Need To Go: The 2020 season begins Saturday, April 25 and you'll want to be one of the first there to take in the gorgeous blue lagoon.  


Pedernales Falls State Park

Price: Free - $6

Address: 2585 Park Rd. 6026, Cypress Mill, TX

Why You Need To Go: The park is reopening Wednesday, April 22 which is just a few days away. They have countless activities to choose from and some of the clearest water in Texas.


Colorado Bend State Park

Price: Free - $5

Address: P. O. Box 118, Bend, TX

Why You Need To Go: No matter which trail you choose at this park, you'll likely end up with a gorgeous waterfall right in front of you.


Dinosaur Valley State Park

Price: Free - $7

Address: 1629 Park Rd. 59, Glen Rose, TX

Why You Need To Go: You'll feel like you've been transported into Jurassic Park.


Jamaica Beach

Price: Free

Address: 5264 Jamaica Bch., Galveston, TX

Why You Need To Go: Dipping our toes in warm, Texas sand sounds like heaven right about now!


We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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