It may not be the spooky season just yet, but our love for everything dark and mysterious exists year-round. If you're looking to get yourself a little spook on with things to do near Orlando, you may want to check out this hidden gothic oddities shop.

You'll find Prometheus Esoterica secretly tucked away inside of a seemingly normal antique shop by the name of Abby Rose Antiques.

In the window, old-school plates, toys, and furniture will welcome you in, but it's what you'll find hidden in the back that will transport you to a magical witches world.

The walls are often covered in creepy yet striking pieces of art that you likely won't see anywhere else. Something about this place casts a shadow of eery beauty that will enchant you.

From ouija boards to tarot card decks, skulls, crystal balls, creepy dolls and more, you never know what you'll find in the ever-changing stock at Prometheus Esoterica.

They even have adorable gothic style dresses and apparel offered by Sourpuss Clothing on sale for you to really hex your friends with your witch vibes.

They feature spooky season imagery such as coffins, bats, and other symbols reminiscent of Halloween's horrors.

Those obsessed with all the good vibes can even find healing crystals here. Occasionally they host an oddities market, welcoming vendors that offer a little bit of everything from crystal skulls to even sex toy-esque shaped healing crystals.*

Uhm, what!? Talk about a little magic touch!

Sometimes spiritual mediums set up shop here to read the cards and give you some insight into your past, present, or future — depending on what questions you ask.

Whether you're a lover of antiques, all things creepy, or the spiritual and paranormal, this is one witchy wonderland worth checking out.

Prometheus Esoterica

Address: 1740 FL-436, Winter Park, FL; hidden inside of Abby Rose Vintage Market

Why You Need To Go: Full to the brim with oddities, trinkets, and witchy wonders, this gothic shop will put a hex on you with its spooky charm.

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