Deep in the south of Missouri lies a geographical treasure that combines natural beauty with the richness of local history. Smallin Civil War Cave in Ozark, Missouri is the perfect spot to explore in-depth to find out more about the land around it. There are so many exciting aspects of the cave to discover, you'll want to sign up for a tour ASAP.

Smallin Cave was the first cave in the Ozarks that was documented. Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, a famous US explorer, wrote about the area in intense detail back in 1818.

Ozark, Missouri was a busy city for union activity at the time of the civil war. The cave's website claims that "there is strong evidence that Smallin Cave was used for war-related activities."

Though besides being a spot to find union troops, Smallin Cave was home to the Osage Indians, and possibly housed the Cherokee tribe. Through studies and digs, there has been a lot of Native American history found in this area.

Besides having a history with humans, the cave is home to a variety of not-so-commonly-seen animals such as blind cave salamanders and cave crawfish. 

The community in the area respects Smallin Cave and often uses it for teaching lessons, getting together, and more.

You can take a tour of the beautiful cave in a variety of packages.

A typical one-hour walkthrough tour is $21.95 per adult. This tour includes a half-mile walk where you will see the cave's natural beauty and unusual life within it while you learn about the history, folklore, & geology of the area.

There are also "off-trail wild tours" that are about 2 hours long and start at $60 per person. These grittier tours include an adventure beyond the railed path where you will need a headlamp to see.

You'll be exploring through knee-deep water, through rimstone dams, beyond intricate formations, and "all the way to the Mushroom formation."

They also have limited-time "Lantern Tours" that they offer in September to November.

There is so much to discover and admire at this preserved cave, it's definitely a must-see if you're in the area! 

Smallin Civil War Cave

Price: $21.95+

Address: 3575 N Smallin Road, Ozark, MO

Why You Need To Go: To discover the most beautiful nature, incredible rock formations and more among the rich history that can be found within the cave.

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