Texas has tons of amazing historical things left and right and this one is extra glorious. The Regency Bridge is the last suspension bridge in Texas that is able to hold cars. The bridge offers a wonderful view of the River Valley area that you literally can't get anywhere else. 

Hidden amongst trees and dirt roads, the bridge is off the noted paths. The 113-year-old landmark used to be a frequent place for people to drive on but was used less and less over time. Today it connects Mills County and San Saba County and lies on a stretch of road over 23 miles. Because of its location, it is rare to run into other people while you visit.

Visitors of the bridge can still feel it swing with the wind and can hear the bridge make creaking noises when you drive or walk over it. During the day, visitors get amazing views but at night it can get a little spooky (which some people totally love!). The noises the bridge makes combined the pitch black darkness make it great for a spooky night out.

There is rarely cell reception in the area so be warned. The bridge is free to enter any day of the year which means you can grab the perfect pic of the Colorado River from the top. The state of Texas does have other wonderful bridges to explore, but this one has mainly survived the test of time due to its remote location.

The Regency "swinging" Bridge is located at 441 Co Rd 433 in Mullin, Texas and you can stop by in either Mills County or San Saba County for directions.

Regency Bridge

Price: Free

Address: 441 Co Rd 433, Mullin, TX 76864

Why you need to go: This is the last suspension bridge in Texas that will hold cars. It offers beautiful views of the river valley making it a must stop when you're in the area.


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