The weekly forecast for this month so far has been nothing lower than 98 degrees every day here in Central Texas. The constant 100+ degree afternoons has got everyone sweating and wanting to escape to a cool and refreshing getaway nearby. If you haven't been to the spring-fed swimming pool in Fort Clark Springs yet, you definitely need to before the summer heat dries you up!

Fort Clark Springs lies about 2 hours away from San Antonio, making it the perfect day trip distance for those who want to squeeze in those last-minute vacations before school begins again. The natural pool is at a constant 68 degrees year-round since the water in it flows into the pool from the chilly Las Moras Spring. It is also the third-largest spring-fed swimming pool in all of Texas, behind the Balmorhea State Park pool

There are also dog parks, hiking trails, museums, restaurants, shooting ranges, and more all available to explore in this private ex-military base! The entire location is very peaceful and is highly recommended to those looking for the perfect place to escape and enjoy some quiet nature.

The gorgeous park that surrounds the natural spring pool is complete with picnic areas equipped with shareable BBQ grills and tables. You and all your friends will have the time of your lives cooking up some hamburgers while enjoying the cool, refreshing water of the Fort Clark Springs. It's absolutely the perfect weekend trip this summer!

You can also camp here if you want to make the most out of your road trip to the nature area. Camping grounds are only $12 each and they come with bathrooms, showers, picnic areas and more. They also have a motel on-site for those who prefer comfy beds rather than tents. Motel rooms go for only $63-75 per night depending on if its a weekday or weekend. 

Fort Clark Springs

Price: 💸

Address: 300 US-90, Brackettville, TX 78832

Why You Need To Go: Texas's third-largest spring-fed swimming pool awaits you! It's the perfect summer trip to relax and cool off among Texas nature.


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