Stonehenge is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting England but if you live in Texas, your Stonehenge visit is just a short road trip away. The Stonehenge II in Texas is an exact replica of the original mysterious world wonder located in Ingram near San Antonio.

This super instagramable free to visit spot will make you feel like you’ve traveled out of the country. While you're arriving at the scene of the incredible attraction, Stonehenge II won't be the only thing you'll be seeing. The mysterious Easter Island heads are also on display but unlike the original, the origin of these wonderful sculptures are not unknown. 

The monument was created by two friends after one of them, Al Sheppard, decided to make something out of a limestone gifted to him. After seeing his friend's intentions, Dough Hill decided to fund the rest of the project and make it the coolest Texas art attraction around. 

The project is not as tall as the original, but it is still massive in size. After completing Stonehenge II, Shepherd went on to make the heads from Easter Island a little less than a year later.


The heads are 13 feet tall, the same as their original counterparts. Originally the statues were built on private property but after the property was sold to the town of Ingram, Texas bought the sculptures for the public to enjoy and take the coolest photos with.

The site is free to visit unless you go during the local Arts and Crafts Fair when admission is $10. Stonehenge II is open until sunset every day but we suggest you get there early as it can get pretty busy.

If you do happen to go and really fall in love with the art piece, you can rent it out for parties, photo shoots, and events all year round. 

Stonehenge II is located at120 Point Theatre Rd S, Ingram, Texas. 

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