Nestled in the Heart of Dixie is an incredible road lined with towering live oak trees. Oak Street in Magnolia Springs, Alabama, winds through a magnificent tunnel of trees. You can explore this unusual passageway on foot or cruise down the street in your car. However you choose to experience it, this scenic road in Alabama belongs on your bucket list. 

If you're in serious need of a peaceful getaway, this picturesque town, which is just minutes from the Gulf Shores, is the answer to your prayers. Only one visit to this pretty place is sure to be relaxing. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of the area is Oak Street, a tree canopy road with massive overhead branches that form a natural tunnel. You won't believe your eyes when you see this portal-like passage. 

This unique street is a popular spot for visitors to take photos beneath the giant swaying branches. Enter this leafy tunnel for a photo op, and you'll feel like you're about to be transported to another realm. 

Oak Street is most beautiful at sunset. You can stroll down this lush pathway and admire the dappled sunlight through the rustling leaves. This mossy archway is also great for late afternoon bike rides through the stunning scenery. 

Tucked away off Oak Street is a cozy B&B that is perfect for couples on a romantic weekend trip. Magnolia Springs Bed and Breakfast is the small-town inn of your dreams, with total Gilmore Girls vibes

Head to Magnolia Springs this summer and check it off your travel wishlist, or make a quick stop at the adorable B&B. This quaint town near the Gulf Shores of Alabama is well worth the visit.

Magnolia Springs

Address: Oak Street, Magnolia Springs, AL 

Why You Need To Go: You can enter a unique pathway made of live oak trees in Alabama. 

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