When it comes to terrifying suspended bridges, massive waterfalls and a whole lot of walking, us Georgia residents seem to find the best ones in the south. It is no surprise that Tallulah Gorge is on that list and is probably close to the top. This short hike in Georgia takes to you a Gorge with so many adventures within it, you would never get bored at this destination. 

Tallulah Gorge is home to a 1,000-foot gorge, an 80-foot swinging suspension bridge and many trails to take to see six waterfalls and experience all these things. 

If you are trying to take the easiest way to the bottom of the gorge and not trying to walk up 1,000+ stairs, you can take the South Rim Trail to see Tempesta Falls, a 76-foot fall. 

The South Rim Trail is located on the opposite side of the gorge, from the welcome center and parking lot. It is a quarter of a mile to walk to all of the overlooks and to eventually make it to Tempesta Falls. 

You will first see the suspension bridge below, so if you are not a fan of eerie bridges, you lucked out on this trail. As you descend to the bottom of the gorge, there will be different overlooks you can stop to view a few of the falls. 

The views from this trail are just spectacular and no other trail here will give you views like this one. You will eventually meet a set of stairs that will lead you down to the pool of Tempesta Falls. 

This is a great place to stop and hang out for a while and just view the waterfall. It is a cascading waterfall that is a large 76 feet. 

If you find yourself wanting to explore Tallulah Gorge but are not a fan of heights and stairs, this trail is the one for you. There are five scenic overlooks on this trail so you will still get all the views. If you do like a thrill, there is another suspension bridge that is even bigger at Toccoa Falls that you can explore. 


Tempesta Falls

Price: $5 for parking

Address: 338 Jane Hurt Yarn Rd., Tallulah Falls, GA 30573

Why You Need To Go: On this specific trail, you will not be treking up stairs or hiking very far. There are five overlooks to look at the gorge and the waterfalls. 

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