It's nice to dream and look at photos of tropical paradises, but sometimes they're not so easy to get to. If Pinterest inspo and Instagram pictures don't suffice, it might be time for some exploration. This swimming hole in Virginia is the perfect place to cool off during a mid-summer day. 

Devil's Bathtub & Waterfall are located in Fort Blackmore, Virginia. This spot is hidden deep in the forest so even locals might not know of its existence. 

This oasis has a swimming hole that looks unreal. The water is crystal clear that a waterfall plunges right into. You can relax on one of the many boulders surrounding the area and be on your own mini vacation. 

This spot is completely natural and hasn't been touched by man, which might surprise some when they see it. 

Devil's Fork and Devil's Bathtub trail (one trail) is about 7-miles and is a full loop. It's rated as difficult, so this is one view and experience you'll have to work for.

There will be multiple creek crossings that'll get hikers' feet a little wet before heading to the main attraction. 

The bathtub and waterfall will cool you off because contrary to popular belief, it's freezing cold throughout the entire year. Visitors can hop right in and feel like they're on a relaxing vaycay. 

Virginia is for Lover's website suggests that individuals visit during the weekdays when the trail isn't so heavily trafficked like it is on the weekends.

This spot is completely free to visit, so taking a day and completing this trail might be on the agenda.

Devil's Bathtub

Price: Free

Address: 1565 FS Begley, Ft. Blackmore, VA 

Why You Need To Go: This spot will make visitors feel like they're in a tropical oasis.


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