Fans of Gilmore Girls have all imagined what it'd be like visiting the fictional town of Stars Hollow. From drinking delicious coffee at Luke's Diner to relaxing in the gazebo surrounded by flowers, a visit there would be like a dream come true. Luckily for Floridian fans of the show, there's a small town called Safety Harbor near Tampa where you can live a little like a Gilmore girl.

Safety Harbor is just a half-hour drive from Tampa and has major Stars Hollow vibes. A road trip to this spot is worth it, especially for fans who will love spending the day in such a quirky little town.

There's even a gazebo in the heart of downtown, just like in the show. Found in John Wilson Park, it's been used for yoga, weddings, concerts, and other events.*

The Safety Harbor farmers market is also held in the gazebo. You can browse tasty fruits, vegetables, local foods, and more while you feel like you're shopping at Doose's Market.*

If you're in need of a breakfast fix, head to Cafe Vinto Tinto and get all the Luke's Diner vibes. This local hub serves tasty coffee drinks and waffles stacked up high. Who said the perfect combo doesn't exist?

Safety Harbor also holds several cute festivals every year, just like the ones Rory and Lorelei loved to join in on.

The famous Bloom N Chalk Fest is a sidewalk chalk competition that will simply blow your mind, where creative local artists color the streets with awesome artworks.

Safety Harbour even lives up to its name.

According to SafeWise, the town was considered one of the safest cities in Florida for 2020. This is another similarity to the Gilmore Girls neighborhood, where nothing bad ever happens. 

Visit during Christmastime for the Tree Lighting Ceremony. You may not get any snow in this quaint Florida spot, but you'll still feel all the charming small-town vibes of Stars Hollow through winter.

No matter which season you go, you'll feel like you were sucked into a little slice of Stars Hollow in Safety Harbor Florida.

Safety Harbor

Address: Safety Harbor, FL

Why You Need To Go: Transport yourself to Stars Hollow by visiting this quirky little town in Florida. 

*This story has been updated.

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