Finding quirky things around different states is always a fun adventure, but it is especially exciting, finding unique treasures in the middle of the desert. The International Car Forest of the Last Church in Nevada is a towering grove of old, painted cars rising from the ground like ancient trees. It looks like a colorful forest made out of automobiles.

Outside of Goldfield, Nevada, lies an art installation that is both whimsically vintage and uniquely wild.

The International Car Forest was created by a local artist named Mark Rippie. He planned for it to be an artist palette for people to paint outside of the usual confines like canvases.

You can see his forest reaching toward the blue Nevada skies now filled with the artwork of Chad Sorg. There are over 40-cars you can wander through.

It's completely free to visit and features cars jutting out from the ground, as well as stacked on top of each other.

The cars are all covered in bright colors, graffiti, and funky murals. You can snap some incredible photos while you explore, but avoid climbing on the vehicles.

It's like oversized toys stacked together to make a strange but eye-popping pattern.

The old cars give the area an eerie, abandoned look, but the colorful art transforms it from spooky to bizarre and fantastical.

The forest is considered an art installation, so you can't paint over the fantastic works that are already there. But the weird, dreamlike structures are perfect for anyone who likes the wackier things in life.

It is very Dr. Suess meets the Wild West.

To find this desert gem, you'll want to look for a small sign when you are headed south on U.S. 95 near Goldfield that announces its exit.

When you turn onto "Crystal Avenue," the steep road will eventually turn towards the forest.

While exploring real forests is always a dreamy adventure, this one made of brightly painted cars instead of trees will transport you to a bizarre and magical realm.

We love how mysterious and enchanting the Nevada desert can be.

The International Car Forest of the Last Church

Price: Free

When: Open year-round

Address: 1111 E. Crystal, Box 5, Goldfield, Nevada

Why You Need To Go: This towering forest of whimsically painted signs is a uniquely bizarre adventure out in the middle of the desert.


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