The best hikes and trails are those that are secluded and away from the city. You can adventure in peace and quiet instead of hearing cars pass on the road near you, and one might be closer to you than you think. Skidaway Island State Park is one of South Georgia's greatest secrets and it is very worth traveling to and you have to see why for yourself. 

Skidaway Island State Park is located on Georgia's intercoastal waterway, so it is literally a park surrounded by water. It is very secluded and off the coast of Savannah. Savannah and surrounding areas are known for their old Spanish moss trees and that is just what you will find at this park.

You will walk through a wetland forest that will lead you to a boardwalk and an observation tower. If you are up for camping, there are great spots to set up a tent or an RV to stay the night at this magical place. 

The Sandpiper Trail Loop is the trail you are going to take at this destination. This is the most popular trail on Skidaway and is only one-mile round-trip. If you are just walking and strolling on the trail, the website advised to give yourself a good hour out of your day to enjoy the fullness of the area. 

You will walk over salt flats (white sandy areas) and tidal creeks (tides that come in over the ocean's nursery to feed the shrimp and oysters) which makes for great places to stop and observe the nature around you. 

You will eventually walk onto a wooden boardwalk. You will observe the salt flats and might even see a few critters along the way. Don't be surprised or alarmed to come across crabs and oysters oysters and even butterflies and different kinds of birds in the area. With all this nature, photography skills can be used for absolute good. 

As you get to the loop part of this trail where you start to make your way back, you will be greeted with marshlands all around you. Don't worry, you will be on the bridge to take into the marsh and not actually walking through it. 

This is one of the more beautiful State Parks and trails in the state, considering all the moss trees and the large marsh you will be walking over. The best time to hike this trail is at dusk because honestly, there is nothing like watching the sunset over the marsh and trees. 

There is another marshy hike located in Valdosta on a wildlife refuge where you might see alligators and snakes throughout your journey.


Skidaway Island State Park 

Price: $5 parking fee

Address: 52 Diamond Causeway, Savannah, GA 31411

Why you should go: In this park, you will be able to hike different trails depending on your skill level. The trails are surrounded and covered by massive Spanish Moss trees which makes for a picture-perfect adventure. 


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